I'm a student visual artist studying Drawing and Printmaking at Winthrop University. This is my online portfolio.
Prints are available on request.

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Venus 1VHS Still2014
SEND HELPModified VHS Still2014
Mt. Grain 2Modified VHS Still2014
Mars Seaside (Variation B)Modified VHS Still2014
Mars Seaside (Variation A)Modified VHS StillModified 2014
RickVHS Still2014
MoltenModified VHS Still2014
Identity Withheld 4VHS Still2014
Cityscape 002VHS Still2014
Far, Far From the TreeVHS Still2014
ProvidenceDigital Photography2013
My work can now be followed on Flickr as well, check it out!
Identity Withheld 3VHS Still2014
Global NetworkVHS Still2014
DownfallModified VHS Still, Mirrored2014
URGE 1Modified VHS Still2014