I'm a student visual artist studying Drawing and Printmaking at Winthrop University. This is my online portfolio.

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Still from Small BeautiesVHS Still2014
Following up from my post yesterday about the show I’ll be having, I’ve decided to announce something I’ve been working on for quite some time: Small Beauties.
Small Beauties is video collage I’ve been adding to for the better half of this semester, and I’ve only recently begun to understand its potential. Comprised of footage and music both created and found, still images, and analog experiments, the video will be an important component in my show TECH next week. I will have copies of the tape available for sale at the show (each with unique custom-made VHS Sleeves) and I’ll set up a shop online for tapes/prints if there is any demand for such a thing!
Edit: By the way, this is what all those teasers have been for!
Big News: Next week, my show TECH will be up in Winthrop University’s McLaurin Student Galleries! It’s gonna feature:
An entirely new series of modified VHS Still work
A video collage I’ve been piecing together for a while now
Some sort of video/painting/sculpture thing that is currently in-progress
Prints of my work will be available for order, and I might just have some other neat merch like copies of the video collage and stickers!
As the poster indicates, the show will be one of two in those galleries that week, with my good friend Dallas putting up his sculpture installation for our Reception on Friday, the 18th. If you’re in the area, do please come by!
Comic/Cosmic (Variation B)VHS Still and Stich n’ Glitch Dithering2014
PoliticophobiaVHS Still + Gamma Correct2014
WaftVHS Still + Gamma Correct2014

VHS Stills

Identity Withheld 2VHS Still2014
I’m thinking of starting a series on portraits like these, what do you think?
PliresVHS Still2014
Untitled WIPMirrored VHS Still2014
$and 2VHS Still2014
GOMAN!VHS Still2014
Jesus Christ MarieVHS Still2014
Can anyone identify this baby for me?
FilemanVHS Still2014
CrushVHS Still2014
Crop OVHS Still2014